Fifa World Cup History 1930 to 2022

Fifa World Cup History.The Fifa world cup often simply called the World Cup, is an International association football competition organized by Fifa(Federation Internationale de Football Association) the sport’s global governing body. The Championship has been awarded every four years since the inaugural tournament in 1930, except in 1942 and 1946 when it was not held because of Second World War. In these tournament Brazil have won five times and Brazil is only team to have played in every tournament. The other world cup winners are Germany and Italy, with for titles each Argentina, France and inaugural winner Uruguay, with two titles each and England and Spain, with one title each.

Fifa World Cup History

The World cup most famous and most widely viewed and followed single sporting event in the world. The cumulative viewership of all the matches of the 2006 world cup was estimated to be 26.29 billion with an estimated 715.1 million people watching the final match, this is a ninth of the entire population of the earth planet.

Up to now 17 countries have hosted the Fifa world cup,Brazil,France,Italy,Germany and Mexico have each hosted twice, and Uruguay,Switzerland,Sweden,Chile,England,Argentina,spain,The United States, Japan and South Korea(jointly),South Africa and Russia have each hosted once. And now the turn of Qatar host the world cup 2022, which is starting from 20 November 2022 after that in 2026 will be jointly hosted by Canada, The United States and Mexico, which will give Mexico the distinction of being the first country to host the tournament in three world cups.

World Cup Winner 1930 to 2018

1930Uruguay18Estadio Centenario,MontevideoUruguay 6-1,Yugoslavia,Semi-final
1934Itly17Stadio Nazionale PNF,RomeItly 2-1 Czechoslovakia, Final
1938France18Olympique de colombes,ParisFrance 1-3 Italy,Quarter-final
1950Brazil22Maracana Stadium,Rio de JanerioBrazil 1-2 Urguay,Deciding Match
1954Switzerland26Wankdrof Stadium,BernWest Germany 3-2 Hungary, Final
1958Sweden35Ullevi Stadium,GothenburgBrazil 2-0 Soviet Union,Group Stage
1962Chile32Estadio Nacional, SantiagoBrazil 4-2 Chile,Semi-final
1966England32Wembley Stadium, LondonEngalnd 4-2 West Germany, Final
1970Mexico32Estadio Azteca, Mexico CityMexico 1-0 Belgium,Group Stage
1974West Germany38Olympiastadion, MunichWest Germany 1-0 Chile, Group Stage
1978Argentina38Estadio Monumental,Buenos AiresItly 1-0 Argentina, Group Stage
1982Spain52Camp Nou,BarcelonaArgentina 0-1 Belgium,Opening Match
1986Mexico52Estadio Azteca, Mexico CityMexico 1-1 Paraguay,Group Stage Argentina 3-2 West Germany, Final
1990Italy52San Siro, MilanWest Germany 4-1 Yugoslavia, Group Stage
1994United States52Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CaliforniaBrazil 0-0 (3-2p) Italy, Final
1998France52Stade de France, Saint-DenisBrazil 0-3 France, Final
2002South Korea, Japan64International Stadium,Yokohama, JapanBrazil 2-0 Germany,Final
2006Germany64Olympiastadion, BerlinGermany 1-1 (4-2p)Argentina,Quarter final
2010South Africa64Soccer City, JohannesburgSpain 1-0 Netherlands, Final
2014Brazil64Maracana Stadium, Rio de  JanerioGermany 1-0 Argentina, Final
2018Russia64Luzhniki Stadium, MoscowFrance 4-2 Croatia, Final
 2022Argentina64 Lusial Stadium, Lusail Argentina 3(4)-3(2) France final

Teams Which Reached In Top Four

TeamTitlesRunners-upThird PlaceFourth PlaceTop Four Total
Brazil5(1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002)2(1950*,1998)2(1938, 1978)2(1974,2014*)11
Germany4(1954,1974*, 1990,2014)4(1966,1982,1986,2002)4(1934,1970,2006*,20101(1958)13
Italy4(1934*,1938, 1982,2006)2(1970,1994)1(1990*)1(1978)8
Argentina2(1978*,1986)3(1930,1990,2014  5
Uruguay2(1930*,1950)  3(1954,1970, 2010)5
England1(1966*)  2(1990,2018)3
Spain1(2010)  1(1950)2
Netherlands 3(1974,1978,2010)1(2014)1(1998)5
Hungary 2(1938,1954)  2
Czech Republic 2(1934,1962)  2
Sweden 1(1958*)2(1950,1994)1(1938)4
Croatia 1(2018)1(1998) 2
Poland  2(1974,1982) 2
Austria  1(1954)1(1934)2
Portugal  1(1966)1(2006)2
Belgium  1(2018)1(1986)2
United States  1(1930) 1
Chile  1(1962*) 1
Turkey  1(2002) 1
Serbia   2(1930,1962)2
Russia   1(1966)1
Bulgaria   1(1994)1
South Korea   1(2002*)1

*marked as Hosts

Awards in World Cup

  • Golden Ball (now commercially termed “Adidas Golden Ball”)First time awarded in 1982 for best player
  • Golden Boot( now commercially termed “Adidas Golden Boot”)First time awarded from 1982 to 2006)for best goalscorer,first time awarded in 1982
  • Golden Glove (now commercially termed “Adidas Golden Glove “formerly known as the”Lev Yashin Award from 1994 to 2006) for best goalkeeper, first awarded in 1994.
  • The FIFA Young Player Award (formerly known as the “Best Young Player Award” from 2006 to 2010) for best player under 21 years of age at the start of the calendar year, first awarded in 2006.
  • The FIFA Fair Play Trophy for the team that advanced to the second round with the best record of fair play, first awarded in 1970.
  • There is currently one award given during the tournament from the FIFA Technical Study Group.
  • the Man of the Match (currently commercially termed as “Budweiser Man of the Match”) for outstanding performance during each game of the tournament, first awarded in 2002
  • There is currently two award voted on by fans after the conclusion of the tournament:
  • the Goal of the Tournament, as determined by a poll of the general public, first awarded in 2006
  • The Most Entertaining Team for the team that has entertained the public the most, during the World Cup final tournament, as determined by a poll of the general public.
  • One other awards was given between 1994 and 2006
  • An All-Star Team comprising the best players of the tournament chosen by the FIFA Technical Study Group. From 2010 onwards, all Dream Teams or Statistical Teams are unofficial, as reported by FIFA itself.


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