FIFA World Cup 2022 Messi’s Penalty miss against Poland made Argentina come out stronger made Argentina come out stronger

Messi’s Penalty miss against Poland made Argentina come out stronger

Messi's Penalty miss against Poland made Argentina come out stronger made Argentina come out stronger

On Wednesday night, the prevailing sentiment inside Qatar’s Stadium 974 a football stadium built from its namesake shipping containers was that the longer the game remained goalless, the more likely Poland would join Argentina and Lionel Messi and the chances of getting a result may be higher. Could potentially send Lionel Scaloni’s team out of the Fifa World Cup.

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The number 974 is also calling code of Qatar. In Qatar Thousands of Argentina’s fan color the stand with white and blue color. All the fans hoping Messi would answer their call.

Dominating proceedings from the start and needing a win to be certain of survival in Qatar, Argentina were awarded a penalty in the 38th minute after Poland Goalkeeper Wojciech Szczecny went over for a header, and fouled Messi.

Szczency caressing Messi’s face a bit but here was his chance for the Argentine talisman to give his team the lead from the spot, setting them up to go through to the round of 16, before the World Cup. But Certainly not here, possibly not the last World Cup of his storied career, not his last shot at winning it.

But just as Argentine fans across the stadium were preparing to celebrate, Szczecny cut them short, with the goalkeeper diving to his left to thwart Messi’s shot.

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Messi may have missed an opportunity to get on the score sheet, but he was involved. Quick to face people e created several chances and doubled his efforts after missing a penalty. And his creativity amaze Poland many times.

Messi’s arrival

It was, therefore, natural that the arrival of the sport’s biggest superstar was eagerly awaited in the mixed arena with its bright lights, television cameras and reporters looking for that one piece.

Some checked their watches. It was already 1:30 AM, with the game ending a few minutes past midnight. All the Argentine players had passed through, Poland’s players, including their star striker Robert Lewandowski and Szczecny, who joked that he had bet Messi that a penalty would not be awarded, were long gone.

But no one had the courage to come out. This was because Messi was not there yet. And then in an instant, after someone shouted Messi Messi.

World cup volunteer assigned for the mixed zone told a colleague that Messi looked so much different on television. He seems a lot different in real life he says.

Messi’s presence

FIFA World Cup 2022 Messi's Penalty miss against Poland made Argentina come out stronger made Argentina come out stronger

That’s Messi’s magnetic presence some of them holding microphone stretched out their arm to get a selfie. One of them asked for autograph. Everyone wanted a piece of the legend who was looking to guide Argentina.

All the media members converged up on Messi, All of them extending their bodies to the full to get their recording devices closer to him.

It was really frustrated to miss the penalty shot because I knew a goal can change the whole match messi said. It was a big match and we are happy that we have achived our objective of finishing top of the group after starting with the defat to KSA.

Saudi Arabia’s resounding victory stunned everyone but Messi got Argentina back on track with a superb goal and assist in their second game, a win against Mexico. Here he believed that McAllister’s goal made the difference.

Everything went our way after the first goal, he said enthusiastically. We did what we’ve been trying to do since the start of the tournament. This gives us confidence for the future.

Messi is now four wins away from winning the World Cup. But right now our focus is on defeating the Australia. Such was Messi’s appeal that even after he finished speaking, reporters followed him as he took the last few bows down the street.

Some of the reporters were trying to ask one last question, some just trying to get another glimpse of the superstar who might not play in the next World Cup.

And as Messi walked out, the lights went out in the mixed zone; The energy had just been sucked out of him.


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